Wynn Vale School SAPSASA

Wynn Vale School regularly participates in a variety of SAPSASA sports competition in the Tea Tree Gully District.

Participation in an event, depends on the number of students who are interested in playing and the date of the competition. The focus of school sport is to encourage participation and to experience the positive benefits of sports participation can bring. Our students demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship, team work and effort and wear the Wynn Vale jersey with pride.


As well as enjoying participating, it is great to celebrate the successes along the way. 2021 has already seen some successes for our school teams and individuals:

2021 Team successes

Year 6/7 Boys – Softball – Division 1 winners

Year 6/7 Girls – Soccer – winners

2021 Individual Successes


2008 Girls 50m Freestyle – Ruby P. – 1st Place

2010 Girls 50m Freestyle – Lily S. – 3rd Place

2008 Girls 50m Breaststroke – Ruby P. – 1st Place

2010 Girls 50m Breaststroke – Lily S. – 3rd Place

2008 Girls 50m Backstroke – Ruby P. – 1st Place

2010 Girls 50m Backstroke – Lily S. – 2nd Place

2008 Girls 50m Butterfly – Ruby P. – 1st Place

2010 Girls 50m Butterfly – Lily S. – 3rd Place



2011 Boys High Jump – Henry M. – 1st Place

2009 Boys Long Jump – Austin M. – 2nd Place

2008 Boys High Jump – Lucas M. – 2nd Place

2008 Girls 100m – Isabelle S. – 3rd Place

2008 Girls 200m – Isabelle S. – 3rd Place

2008 Boys Relay team – 3rd Place


Cross Country

2009 Boys 3000m – Lucas U. – 1st Place

2021 Individual Representatives

The following students were all selected to represent the Tea Tree Gully District at the State Championships:


Lucas M.

Zac T.

Aidan B.

Owen H.


Ruby P.

Lily S.

Cross Country

Lucas U.

Olivia U.

Boys Football

Lucas M.

Lucas U.


Caitlin B.

Alexis M.


Tijana C.

Matthew H.

Dom C.

Josh S.

Ruby B.

Emma D.

Zoe C.