High School Transition

Information for High School Transition

Across the country, primary school students will transition to high school at the end of Year 6.

Students from Wynn Vale School move on to a variety of high schools as determined by the zoning system or personal choice for private education.

As a school, we undertake transition planning and visits with Golden Grove High School, where the majority of our students go when they leave us. We co-plan with the leadership team at Golden Grove High School as well as Year 6 teachers from other primary schools in our partnership.


All students, regardless of their destination high school, will complete a transition visit to Golden Grove High School in Term 3. We also host a visit from past students, currently at Golden Grove High School, who answer questions and address concerns our students may have.


In Term 4, all high schools host a transition day for students who will be attending their school the following year. Your child’s destination high school will inform you of the details for this.


Throughout the year, each high school will host tours and open evenings to provide you with more details about the transition process.


For more information regarding high school transitions please contact us below.