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Director: Rachael Gray

Information about OSHC

Our Before School Care session begins at 7am each morning. Breakfast is offered until 8:15am with a selection of toast, cereals, and fruit on the menu. The BSC program is a leisure-based program, with an arts & craft activity planned each morning, and use of the school hall and outdoor play spaces for physical play.


Children in Years 2 – 6 go to school independently at 8:30am when school supervision starts in the yard. Children in Preschool – Year 1 stay in the OSHC building for a small group game and then are dropped to their classroom by our OSHC educators at 8:45am. OSHC educators will sign the children into preschool each morning.

Our After School Care session begins at 3pm and closes at 6:15pm. Children in Foundation and Year 1 are collected at the classrooms by an OSHC educator. Children in Year 2 and above independently arrive at OSHC and are greeted by our educators who sign them into the session. Preschool children are walked up to OSHC by their Preschool teachers at 3:15pm.


The ASC is also a leisure-based program with a variety of programmed and free choice activities. Children can participate in a range of arts/crafts, construction, sports, and board games. The OSHC service opens areas in the school including hall, oval, computer room and library for small groups. Our OSHC educators implement a variety of fun activities based on the needs and interests of the children, following the My Time, Our Place Framework for School Aged Children. 


An afternoon snack is provided daily with our weekly menu displayed in the OSHC rooms. Fruit platters are also available daily.

The OSHC service is open from 7am – 6:15pm to offer a full day of care in the school holidays and on pupil free days. The holiday program is released in Week 5 of each school term, with a combination of planned excursions and themed in-house days. Families are required to make a booking request each school holidays or pupil free day.


For a full day of OSHC children will need to bring their own recess (including fruit snack), lunch and drink bottle. Breakfast is still supplied until 8:15 am, and an afternoon snack is provided by the service at 3pm with a fruit platter daily. Sunscreen is provided when UV rating is 3 or above.


The OSHC service is closed on Public Holidays.

Payment of OSHC fees can be made in person at the OSHC service via EFTPOS or Cash. The OSHC service is also linked to the QKR app and can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Direct Debit is offered through the Debit Success program, and additional information about this can be provided upon request at the time of enrolment.

Please contact the OSHC service to begin the enrolment process. An enrolment package will be provided to you, or alternatively an electronic copy can be provided via email.

You may also be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). We encourage you to begin a Child Care Subsidy Claim through Services Australia as soon as possible, as it can take time for your claim to be finalised. Additional information about claiming CCS is included in the enrolment package.

The OSHC service has a capacity of 100 places and is not able to exceed this maximum number of children. We encourage families to enrol with OSHC as early as possible and waitlists may apply for days that are fully booked. 

OSHC Fee Structure

Before School Care (BSC)

- Starts at 7am
each morning

- Breakfast is offered
until 8:15am

After School
Care (ASC)

- Starts at 3pm and
closes at 6:15pm

- An afternoon snack
is provided

Last Day of Term (2pm Finish)

- Starts at 2pm due
to early finish for last
day of term
- An Afternoon snack is provided

VAC or Pupil Free Day (In House)

- From 7am to 6:15pm

- Themed in house days with program released Wk5

VAC or Pupil Free Day (Excursion)

- From 7am to 6:15pm

- Includes an excursion or incursion

Please Note

The OSHC service is closed on Public Holidays.