Fees and Finance

School Fees

Materials and Services Fees for the school year are charged at a prescribed amount per student each year. Wynn Vale School Governing Council, which represents the parents and caregivers of the students, in consultation with the school leadership team, review the Materials and Services fees each year. This year, the school fees remained at $335.00 for the ninth successive year. Payment of our school fees is due by the end of Term 1. Camps, sports events and other excursions will incur additional costs. Our current fees are detailed below:

Fee Schedule 2024

Assistance for Low-Income Families

The School Card scheme provides financial relief for eligible low-income families in relation to education costs. The School Card scheme is not offered to preschool students. Eligibility for School Card assistance is dependent upon the combined family income for the applicable financial year being within the School Card income limits.

You will need to complete a new application each year. While your application is being assessed, you will still receive invoices and statements. You will be notified of the outcome by The School Card Unit.

If your application has been approved, we will apply a credit to your invoice. There is a voluntary gap payment of the difference between the school fees and the school card payment of $287.

If your invoice is not approved, you will need to pay the invoice in full by the due date.

Parents and caregivers can access school card information and application forms using the short link:

More information

Payment by Instalments

To support families we provide a Direct Debit option, which allows you to make payments in smaller increments. If you wish to take advantage of this option, please fill out the form below and return it to the Finance Office.

Direct Debit Request Form


Our preferred method of payment at Wynn Vale School is via the Qkr! Payment app. This can be used to pay for school fees, excursions, SAPSASA events, canteen orders, uniform purchases and other school events.

For instructions on how to set the app up on your phone and to make payments, please, click on the link below.


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